Our Chefs Tips for a Foodie Wedding

So you love food and want to make it a central part of your wedding? Here are some suggestions for taking a foodies approach to planning your day.

Have a Theme

Depending on your style of wedding, there will be quite a range of food, from canapés to dinner and dessert through to supper. Choosing a theme can help tie it all together, but choose one that means something to you both. Have you shared a special overseas holiday? Did he take you to a certain restaurant when you were dating? Do your families have roots overseas?

Your theme can be quite specific (Vietnamese Street food!) or loose (Seafood!) but the best caterers will take your ideas and present them in a menu that matches the style and timing of your wedding.

Keep it Simple

Like many aspects of planning a wedding, it’s tempting to add one more thing, just another idea, one last teeny detail to the menu, but experienced cooks know that a ‘less is more’ approach really does pay off when planning the food. We’re not talking less quantity, but understanding that less variety executed perfectly is better than being underwhelmed by a large menu not presented as you had imagined. The more guests you are catering for the more you should keep this tip in mind.

When keeping it simple, keeping it fresh is important. Please don’t ask for ingredients that won’t be in season or at their best on the big day

Make it Fun

Your wedding will be glamorous, (semi) formal and well organised, but don’t forget that it should also be fun. In fact the most successful weddings I’ve been a part of are the ones that have been the most fun, because what it all comes down to is celebrating the moment and enjoying yourself with the people you love.

Little gazpacho or Champagne popsicles on the lawn, making your own gourmet sundaes, a giant candy station with dozens of jars of lollies, tiny cones of fish and chips on the beach… there are plenty of ways to put a smile on your guests faces with a fun food moment


Sharing encourages mingling and conversation and makes for a livelier event. A shared table buffet (family-style shared platters on the table) is the most popular and successful style of wedding catering that LittleWolf offers. This format seems to suit us kiwis because it takes the edge off the formality of a plated meal but skips the waiting-in-a-queue-at-the-buffet.

Another way to share is with fork food stations, little dishes that can be eaten while standing but presented in interesting ways around the room. Stations can be manned by chefs for an even more interactive event


The same way that a restaurant experience has a rhythm and flow, so will your wedding day. The moments I remember best through many years of eating out are the times I’ve been surprised, maybe by something presented in an unusual way or an unexpected addition to a meal that demonstrated generosity. These surprising moments have an emotional edge that makes them memorable but they also play an important part in the rhythm of your day. They can focus people’s attention, signal a new part of the evening or give them something they will forever associate with you.

Some ideas include sweet treats disguised as mini burgers and sandwiches, a surprise supper station after the booze has been flowing for a while and people are starting to flag, or a ‘one for the road’ little box with a handmade savory pastry as guests get on the bus at the end of it all.

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