2010, LittleWolf is born

After 15 years cooking in top Auckland restaurants, Marcel Leydesdorff became a partner in a successful local catering company. The business was doing well but he hungered to bring a more creative approach to catering and events – something he felt was lacking in New Zealand at the time. In November 2010, he formed LittleWolf, prepping and delivering orders out of a small kitchen.

With the support of family and friends LittleWolf’s reputation began to rise - one event at a time.

Emma Henderson learned about Marcel and his aspirations for LittleWolf through a mutual friend. Working for an events company where her creativity wasn’t encouraged, she met Marcel over coffee to discuss the local catering and events scene. After chatting for hours Emma was sold on Marcel’s vision to create a standout brand in the industry.

Emma comes from a hospitality family and with extensive experience in Australia and New Zealand she had the sales skills and event know-how that LittleWolf needed. Her love of meeting new people and the challenge of bringing weird and wonderful briefs to life are huge assets to the business.

Led by these owner-operators determined to excel in their roles, LittleWolf beat more established Auckland caterers to receive the coveted 2015 Lewisham Foundation Outstanding Caterer award. It was unexpected, but proved the impact LittleWolf already had in the industry. Recently winning the same award in 2017 highlights LittleWolf’s consistency as well as excellence (Winners are ineligible for nomination the following year, hence no 2016 award).

Marcel and Emma now have a wickedly excellent WolfPack who are proud to honour the values of LittleWolf while developing the business into new creative spaces and supporting other passionate local businesses.

The WolfPack does it all; from concept to completion LittleWolf makes it a reality.

More than caterers, LittleWolf collaborates to create catering and event experiences with Bite!

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