Events With Bite

Planning and running an event of any size is equally art and science. Moving parts come together to create events that bring your vision to life and it takes skill and experience to make this process seamless.

At LittleWolf we have a technique that gives us an edge over our competition – we listen. From your budget to your theme it’s only after we learn about what is important to you that we begin our creative and planning processes.

With Emma Henderson at the helm of our Events team we can do as much or as little as you like, from sourcing a venue to styling your event, we can even organise your entertainment or A/V all without leaving a crumb.

Our team thrives on challenges and out-of-the square thinking so whether you are organising a product launch, a large client event or a private dinner at home our team will work their tails off to ensure that you stand out from the pack.

We could fill a whole website with all of our favourite events but instead we have chosen just a few for you to have a look at below.